This Cost Efficient Upgrade may Speed Up Your Computer Hardware!

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This Cost Efficient Upgrade may Speed Up Your Computer Hardware!![dt_divider style=”thin” /]

I recently made the switch to a MacBook Pro as my primary working tool after playing around on it for a few months loving the experience.  It made wonder why things were running so much smoother.  For argument sake, Apple has the advantage of being much better optimized as they have a limited amount of hardware available.  I don’t personally have a clear winner, as I use both.  At the time of writing in my personal office I use both a MacBook Pro and a laptop running Windows 10.  What discouraged me from Windows after running the MacBook for a while was how much less responsive it was, and it felt overall slower.  I am pleased to say that one upgrade has narrowed the gap between the two in my case.

Interesting Tech Tip: Upgrading to an SSD (Solid-State Drive) drive on my Toshiba laptop (Samsung ssd 850 pro) has really diminished the gap in speed between my MacBook Pro and it. If you have a slower machine that is not ancient, give it a second life with a SSD hard drive. The upgrade is cheaper than purchasing a new machine. Other benefits besides massive speed increase, includes more reliability, safer transportation, and better battery life.


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