Congrats To Our Nexus 7 Winner!!!



Congrats To Our Nexus 7 Winner!!![dt_divider style=”thin” /]

Before I announce the winner of our 2014, win a Nexus 7 tablet, I want to let everyone know that Marketing TIPS will be resuming again soon.  There has been a big list of news and changes with Your Go To Guy, and we will follow this up in the coming days with a BIG NEWS and changes announcement!


How we picked the winner was by using a random name picker website provided by mini web tools ( )  and every referral / referree was entered in order of sales beginning from January 13th 2014 when we launched the contest.


Congrats to Dr. Eric St-Onge!!!

Congrats to Dr. Eric St-Onge, a newer doctor in the field of Sports Therapy and Chiropractics.  Dr. St-Onge resides in Oakville Ontario and currently practices in various areas of the Greater Toronto Area.  His goals and project in mind included some consulting, strategic planing and to explore ways to increase his network and visibility utilizing social media and web development projects.  We are still working with Dr. St-Onge on this project and foresee a fantastic long term relationship.   We are very honored to have Dr. St-Onge as one of our clients, thank you again Sir, for everything.


Eric - Website


Here is a cropped screen shot from the random name picker website.
Contest Winner


We want to thank all of our participants who got to take part in this Nexus 7 Contest!


Remember, “Everyone Needs A Go To Guy!”


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