YES! We have all the tools, needed to help market your business.  From Marketing Consulting, Web Design, Graphic Design & Social Media we can help.  ”Ask Your Go To Guy ” today for more information.

Our Services

Your Go To Guy is always dedicated and vested in the success of your business.  We strive to stay on top of the game and provide you with a variety of cost effective marketing services that will help your small business gain more exposure while saving money.  One of the things Your Go To Guy tries to do with their new and existing clients is to get them to think both inside & outside of the box for ideas.  We have many mechanisms in place to do this.  If you haven’t done so,  consider signing up for our V.I.P. Newsletter,  visit our resources page or follow our social media pages.

Please feel free to get in touch with us for your first consultation meeting.

Think Of Us As Your Partner!

Your Go To Guy is a mobile and flexible marketing department at your disposal! We know small businesses don’t have a marketing department, this is why they need a “Go To Guy”. Having some guidance can go a long way! Every business, and every situation is unique and presents its own series of challenges and solutions.

I don’t care what stage your business is at, you can always do more! What will you do next? Get in touch with us and see how we can help!

Affordable Web Design Solutions For Your Business!

Our Web Design Solutions are perfect for small business! We utilize the power of WordPress to provide a solid and intuitive web site that your business can be proud to show off. All of our websites are smart phone and tablet optimized and we provide complimentary training to ensure that you can add and modify your website as your needs change!

Graphic Design Solutions For Your Business!

We are truly a one stop shop for small business marketing needs. We can design just about anything, from logos, business cards, flyers, brochures and more.

Also we can customize and optimize pictures for your social media pages, your websites or emails and more!.

Social Media Has Been A Game Changer For Many Businesses!

If you are not currently using Social Media, and using it often you are missing out! We get it, this stuff takes time and discipline! What if we could take some of that strain off of you? Get in touch and see how we can help you get more likes, more posts and MORE SALES!

Search Engine Optimization – Coming Soon.

SEO is a strategy that is worked on over a long term that uses organic keywords and terms to help achieve better search engine ranking and ultimately drive traffic to your website.

High quality content is crucial to achieve this, as well as on going technical expertise and constant tweaking and monitoring over time. Our goal is to see a gradual yet steady increase in traffic over the long term.

We achieve this initially by building a SEO friendly website, built specifically around your audience and key elements that represent your business and over all goals.

In addition we can also coach you on how to create and post content to social media and your website/blog.  We will help ensure every page we publish not only meets, but exceeds current SEO standards and gives you a fighting chance in todays highly competitive market.

As SEO is unpredictable and not fully in anyones control, it would be unethical to guarantee any kind of specific result.  However, we have seen great results from our SEO services in the past and we’ll do everything we can do to duplicate those results for you!

Your Go To Resources

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Testimonials from a few clients.

The service and product that I received from Marcel of YourGoToGuy was, and is, outstanding. I'm not terribly versed in WordPress and all the intricacies that go into making a website. Marcel explained everything clearly and thoroughly without making me feel silly for not knowing some very basic things. The product that he delivered is top quality. What I didn't expect was that he shared a great deal of business advice that's extremely valuable for any small business owner. Anytime I ever had a question, he returned my call/email extremely quickly. I highly recommend the team at YourGoToGuy for their exceptional service and products. drericstonge.com - Oakville / GTA, ON.
Dr. Eric St.Onge
“As a full time real estate agent I work endless hours and I am always looking for ways to save time and money. Marcel Robichaud at Your Go To Guy has been my saving grace. Marcel is constantly innovating and improving his product – and ultimately mine, and his customer service is top-notch. Whether it’s him calling me for my approval on a web site change or me bombarding him with technical questions at midnight, he’s always available and happy to help. Marcel has definitely been my go to guy and will continue to be. If you’re serious about taking your business to the next level contact Marcel now. Coreybeaudoin.ca - Windsor, ON.
Corey Beaudoin
Marcel has done a great job on the All Points website- skill and creativity combined to provide a polished product on both desktop and mobile view. allpointnumbercrunching.com - Windsor, ON.
John & Mary Burt
“Would like to thank Your Go To Guy for doing a great job on redesigning our new website. We have been to the search for a while for someone to update our “old” site and we found the right “Go to Guy” to do it ! Wonderful job, keep up the good work. We love that we can update our website directly from WordPress from our mobile phone and keep everyone updated Keep up the awesome work :)‎ Jitys.ca – Noëlville, ON”
Justin Pitre
Business Owner
“Marcel is simply a breath of fresh-air. My whole site was built inside of a few hours with him at the helm. I’ve tried to be a part of building my site before, to no avail. But today with Marcel it was, and I know you may not believe this: But enjoyable! I am rock-solid in my recommendation of Marcel the Marvel to you. I know I’ve found a website-developer who I will hang on to. howtobuildacontainerhouse.com – Guelph, ON”
Christoph Kesting
Business Owner